Our full range of products include:

Asset labels

These are used primarily for property identification, for example furniture and office equipment.

Bar codes

We can supply EAN13 or CODE39 and more, call us for details. We can produce on paper, block out paper, vinyl etc with permanent or removable adhesive. Produced in roll, sheer or single format in all sizes as we have plenty of stock cutters available.

Domed or embossed labels

These labels are raised with a polyurethane resin for extra protection. They are durable, anti-scratch and shatterproof with a choice of vinyl, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene. Ranging from 125 to 500 micron thickness, permanent or removable adhesive, sheet form or single labels from 4mm x 4mm to 1000mm x 700mm. With a choice of hard or soft resins, their typical use is for promotional goods, electrical goods, toys, golf clubs and many more.

Automotive labels

These can be produced on different types of materials, depending on where the label is going to be placed. We can offer oil resistant and waterproof materials suitable for many automotive applications.

Chemical labels

These are produced on vinyls and polyesters in any size, colour or quantity. If an underwater application is required we can supply special adhesives that will withstand water.

Computer and laser labels

Supplied in matt white paper with permanent or removable adhesive. We supply A4 sheets with variable sizes cut out. For the laser labels, we can produce any size on a fan folded sheet to be fed through a printer. You can use these type of labels for addressing, stock control, etc. We offer great discounts on 6000 sheets or more. Free carriage depending on order quantity.

Short run labels

We can supply short run labels – 10 labels minimum in any size, colour or shape. These do not incur plate charges. You can supply your own artwork, or we can do it for you. There will be a single lot price.

Specialised labels

These labels can be produced on any material in any colour and at any size. You have a lamination film on top which is only on one half of the label, you can write on the second half, then seal it with the film. Applications include electrical safety labelling, NHS labelling etc. Samples can be sent on request.

Thermal labels

These can be either thermal paper labels or direct thermal paper labels. Thermal paper labels are used on overprinters with ribbons. With the direct thermal labels you use the heat element on the overprint machine and the image is activated from the sensitive coating on top of the paper. These labels can be used for bar coding, stock control or serial numbering.

Thermal ribbons

We can supply all recognized grades of thermal ribbons – wax, wax resin and resin. Compatibility for all your label overprint machines including Tec, Zebra, Cab, Sato/Datamax, Tsc, Ubi, Soabar/Avery and more!

Tamper evident vinyl labels

These are produced on vinyl with a good permanent adhesive. If tampered with, they fragment into small bits. They can be easily printed onto.

Void chain/security link

These are made from polyester. If there is any attempt to remove the void label it leaves the word “void” on the surface. With the chain link it leaves a chain link behind.

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