Domed or embossed labels

These labels are raised with a polyurethane resin for extra protection. They are durable, anti-scratch and shatterproof with a choice of vinyl, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene. Ranging from 125 to 500 micron thickness, permanent or removable adhesive, sheet form or single labels from 4mm x 4mm to 1000mm x 700mm. With a choice of hard or soft resins, their typical use is for promotional goods, electrical goods, toys, golf clubs and many more.

Domed labels (Sometimes known as bubble labels or resin doming) are very durable, soft to handle, and they give an incredible 3D Visual impact, if required in fields such as
1. Corporate Events
2.Product logos

They are suitable for internal/external environments.

The domed labels wont shrink, yellow, fade, or crack